The term Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to practices and techniques that make your website more visible to search engines. This places your site nearer the top of search engine results when visitors search for a particular keyword.

Naturally, you want your company to lead the pack. If you’re on the second page of Google when people search for terms relating to your field, it can send the wrong message to potential customers. In fact, that’s the best case scenario; since users generally only pay attention to the first few search results, they may not even see your company’s name. You will be behind your competitors in reality as well as on Google. SEO techniques put your site on top of the page, giving you the edge your company deserves.

How do you optimise your site for search engine visibility? There are a variety of SEO techniques that can enhance and support your site’s standing in search results. Quick and dirty SEO tactics have no long-term viability; quality SEO takes work and commitment. The foundation of good SEO is the creation of rich, high-value content containing targeted key phrases; site architecture that enables web spiders (search engine robots) to find and crawl your site freely; and setting up and maintaining strong, relevant external links to your site.

Your site content is the visible face of your organisation, the material that’s most necessary to researchers, customers and maybe your future employees. We work to create powerful web copy that draws in visitors and also boosts your position in the search engine rankings.

Detailed knowledge of your competitors is vital. That’s why we conduct an in-depth analysis of your competition – we take the time to put together a comprehensive picture of their techniques so that we can fine-tune our strategy to counteract theirs.

Some may oversimplify SEO, claiming that only three skills are involved: identifying keywords, optimizing content and optimizing website code. You might as well say that a doctor only examines, diagnoses and treats patients. Similarly, SEO involves a complex skill set: hundreds of elements are involved in gaining the uppermost position in the results for all the many commonly-used search engines.